In past few years, there has been an increasingly popularity of seafood in restaurants. Around the world, there are many traditions where seafood is considered as an essential part of dining culture. Thus, many restaurants have also started ordering bulk of sea creatures from the supplier of wholesale seafood in Los Angeles. Be it the fishes or the crabs, octopus or the salmon; the demand for these now seems to become more frequent and big in size.

So, here we are listing down few sea food trends that has played an important role in increasing seafood demand. Take a look:

New Seafood Trends

• There has been an increasing demand of variety of fish now

Gone are the days when on the name of fish you use to get only shrimp, tuna and salmon. Nowadays, there is lot of variety of just the fishes too. From Tilefish to Wreckfish and Triggerfish to Black sea Bass; there are now lots of choices to choose and try from.

• There is a kind of revolution in the process of preparation of sea food dishes

Yes, now you can have your taste food the way you like it to be. Whether you want it to be smoky or you like it to be spicy or the seasoning of pepper and salt is just enough for you; just get it prepared the way you want it to be.

• The increasing supply of frozen sea food has also played an important role

On account of restaurants also the increasing availability of frozen seafood in Los Angeles has given lots of opportunities to prepare and experiment with new seafood preparations. Now, there are no more issues of sustainability, wastage and irregular supply.

• Now seafood is served in both fine dining as well as fast food option

With new cooking and preparation experiments now there are more flavors and options of seafood to enjoy. So, whether you want it to be served on white table cloth in a fine dine restaurant or wish to enjoy it in a fast food casual standard; there are all choices to choose from while ordering your favorite seafood.

There are many seafood suppliers who specialize in restaurant supply in Los Angeles only. Serving all kind of restaurant seafood requirements, these suppliers make sure to meet new market demands and trends in best possible way.


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