A transparent meat industry is the need of the hour. Given tough competitive market, manipulative pricing, and wrongdoings that lead to major consumer confusions and ultimately affect the goodwill of the industry altogether, companies that deal in meat industry need to be more transparent. This article covers the key benefits of transparency in cattle industry. Read on, and for any query; please feel free to comment

Encourage greater trust among industry participants – When transparency is brought in, it encourages greater trust among industry participants. This means efficient negotiations between stakeholders. When pricing is detailed, the possibility of confusion reduces and an even balance is expected to accelerate growth and drive creativity

Transparency helps generate competitiveness. When competitiveness is at its peak, consumers tend to be more beneficial. The existing pricing model and vagueness make it confusing to ascertain the fair pricing at different levels.

Transparency means a fair understanding of the factors that affect pricing grids/grading/proceeds from co-products. This means producers can negotiate with them well or they can collectively arrange for good bargaining in the event of confusions.

Meat Value

Value transparency also needs to be addressed. Consumers often cite issues and demand more transparency in the way the industry works. When transparency is introduced, competitiveness and clarity ushers in, and it therefore regulates pricing and makes values truly transparent and simple.

So, the cattle industry needs to address these challenges and it needs to take sophisticated steps in order to bring more simplicity and clarity. The meat industry races towards growth, but the lack of transparency makes it so hard to receive good value and growth.

Choose good meat products from trusted source, count those that offers fair pricing and stocks healthy products and do not indulge into exaggerated claims.

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