Know Your Beef

    Our Specialty

    Our #1 specialty is meat, since 2004 BR provide accessibility to all domestic meat grade,

    PRIME and CHOICE grads meat are available in a click of a bottom.

    Our meat in the US is graded by the USDA to a few categories 

    1-Cow (usually after the milk stage ends) 



    We are going to have more of the steer (usually up 2 year age)On our plate that we eat and the one you must have in you arsenal to sell.

    There is where the best meat comes on our planet.

    "Non grade" 50% of cattle

    "Select".  37% of cattle 

    "Choice" 10% of cattle 

    "Prime”. 3% of cattle 

     Grade stamp from USDA will depend mainly on age, health condition, and marbling of the meat thru evaluation of the ribs mainly.


    Cow-after milk stage usually animal very mature what cues the meat to look darker after cooking, also meat is consider to be tougher, although meat possess strong flavor and is very common in Some type of kitchens.


    2-bulls same as cow, strong Flavor, main use ground beef.


    3-all over the world known that the best meat will come out of steers, and as younger it's better,

    Also know that our local farmers here in the US producing the most consistent and respectable grades, with high Demand all over the world.

    As of day one the animals getting the best nutrition and veterinarian treatment.


     Grades around the world 

    In Australia the grade is "steer" and "prime steer",

    Cow mostly labeled in Australia as "A" in front of the part name,(why they choose A for the lowest grade only they know🤔).

    In Canada it's A, AA and AAA

    Last one is Equivalent to our choice, although low temperatures in Canada change meat texture a bit.

    Mexico the highest will be equivalent to our select BUT they trim the meat much better than the rest of the countries

    With Mexican beef you will have better yield and it counts for the long run.