We Are Different!!!

    How can we save you money?

    I am writing here the main three reasons that you could find yourself over paying for products,

    Sales people, credit and secret pricing.

    *Salesman as he's name is here to close the sale,

    I already heard customers saying how good is their vendor salesman by showing up every day, getting the orders and just stick around.

    Did Ask yourself where is he's paycheck come from?

    *There are a few things that force vendors raise up prices,

    The main one is the chance of losing the credit that is given to the  

    To the institution from the vendors,

    Most vendors raising their prices up anywhere from 5% and more as soon as you signed for your first invoice,


    Vendors are buying insurance for the credit they give you and this cost them anywhere between 1-3% 

    So the next time your vendor is more than happy to give you credit you already know why.

    *We advertise our prices, reason for this is to prevent any miss understanding, in my 13 years in this business some costumer-managers-partners Where asking for a side kick, “what’s in it for me"? Was a daily question that me and my sales team where asked.

    We have found the solution!!! Advertise prices and problem is solved.

    Clear and transparency it's our ideology, that’s what we stand for.

    Technology and outsmart our competition it's what drive us.

    We invest in customer service, in up font business relations.