Food plays an important role in human’s life. From the time we wake up in the morning till the time we get back to sleep in night; food works as a fuel for human body which keeps us going. Thus, it is very important to feed on right food. Around the world, there is sample of variety of food available. There are many dieticians, nutritionists and food experts who guide us on eating right kind of food. In past few years, there is commendable expansion of food and beverage industry which has made convenient for the consumers to opt for variety of food.

By transparency to consumers the food industry need to understand the consumers’ landscape in better way. Just by giving information on product’s characteristics and ingredients is just not enough. Today, while living in a technological era it is the more in-depth information about the particular products like its relevance to health of consumers, the right timings (date of manufacturing, best before etc), reliability of product on consumer’s health etc also matters a lot.

Nowadays more and more people prefer to take natural food, organic food which makes it a part of mainstream in all recognizable forms. All thanks to the educated and informed consumers who now understand what transparency actually means. It is for this reason that now consumers are being inquisitive even about aspects like from where and how the food is being sourced, how it is being processed etc, company’s integrated business practices etc.

With more and more people being concerned about their health and fitness it is very important for the food industry to stick to the new food production, manufacturing and packaging guidelines. It is easy to access information, feedbacks today move fast and consumers expect open sources thus it is better to play transparent rather than playing bad. Remember, today transparency is no more considered as a norm rather it is a general practice which is expected by every consumer in general from the food industry. Thus, it is very important for the food industry to maintain transparency. If used well, food industry now can use transparency as a strategic tool. This can help in building trust among customers and winning loyalty of customers.

While living in technological era, transparency has become an accountability of every food and beverage company Like Brfood Service which needs to be adaptable with this.

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